I had a dream last night about how to fix a bug in my code.
I couldn't sleep the rest of the night because I was too excited about fixing it.
Plus side: the fix worked this morning.
Down side: ive drank so much coffee I can smell color

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    Never had so much coffee that I could smell color. I need that too because im colorblind
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    @fuck2code deutranomaly (dont know if I spelled it correctly) and no I dont use special syntax highlighting, although I do change the color of the squiggly lines since about 4 months since thats when I found out there were multiple colors for it.
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    @fuck2code well I dont know better, as kid I drew landscapes with red grass (which really looks like fire) and purple skies. I see those discoveries as a new feature in life xD
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    @fuck2code ?
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    @fuck2code never had that I think, but I did get a 9.8 on my math final because I misread a graph. Did write that I was colorblind and explained what I saw. But I would have gotten a 10 if that wasnt in there.
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