Hmm... OP6 is coming out...

I bought an OP1 3.5yrs ago for $350 and it still works pretty well with LineageOS...

So right now the amortized cost is $100/yr...

New one seems to be $500 but the only reason I want the new one is the camera...

The other options I can think of is Samsung or Google, are there any others... that can be bought in the US?

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    I think Google phones are very good they get updates for long period of times.
    Also check project Fi by Google you might be interested.
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    I prefer OP phones because of their dash charging.
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    @mohammed well I usually flash custom to get rid of all the bloatware.

    I had a Galaxy Nexus before... was slow after a year but then flashes CM , got faster.

    But tea one thing with the big brands I ink is they add a lot of bloatware
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    @billgates but that comes with a price, you lose the warranty!
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    @mohammed no u don't, u just have to be able to flash the stock ROM back before returning.

    Usually the warranty expires right before it breaks.
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    @billgates fair enough!
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    Have you replaced your battery?

    I've had my one plus 1 for two and a half years and my battery barely lasts half a day now.
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    @slar I have external USB battery, can do maybe 3 full charges but yea whenever I'm at the desk or not using my phone, I just connect it
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    @AlpineLinnix yes so you're suggested who would be.... (This was sorta the while point of this post 😀)
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