Why don't anyone make a mouse with fingerprint sensor?
Just hold the mouse like you always do, the fingerprint sensor is where you press your thumb.
You don't need to type the password, for login/sudo anymore!

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    I'd rather not use my biometric data as if it gets stolen or hacked, you can't change it easily :)
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    open DuckDuckGo or Google then type 'fingerprint mouse' + enter.
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    Clever but nah
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    Dude, that would mean I would have to actually USE that thing 😂
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    @linuxxx What would you think if:
    - It was a wired mouse and
    - It somehow hashed (or encrypted in some strong and unique way) your fingerprint and used the hash as a password
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    @dmonkey How do I know that the mouse hasn't been tempered with and that the algo's don't contain vulnerabilities?

    You can't easily find that out mostly but with passwords you can at least change them.
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