Best way of saving your code.
Which one do you prefer? 😅

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    I prefer to take a digital photo, print it out, tape it to a table, photograph the table, then scan it and fax it to head office.
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    @HollowKitty Master of innovation 😂
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    Long live usb zips! :v
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    I prefer my wax tablet
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    *mental note* >:v
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    I lold hard af. 😂
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    one of my friend while learning c use to recite his code and error msg to me over phone so that i can tell him where went wrong
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    Holy mother of Ritchie
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    I find that post-it note (you know, those small sticky note) is good in organizing and saving code.

    Wrote all your code in those notes, when you wrote a new one, you can just paste it in-between the relevant notes.
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    @Autism420 It's good to find some like-minded people
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    @credibleWanker Sounds good... worth giving a try 😅
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    There is a better way.

    1. Write your code on apple notes and sync it with your iCloud.
    2. Read out the code aloud and save it as an amazon audiobook.
    3. Take a printout of the code and click a photo of it using google lens.
    4. Save the photo to your microsoft onedrive.
    5. Last step, share it with your friends and family on facebook and twitter. Putting it on instagram would be an added bonus.

    PS: Make sure its your own proprietary code and highly confidential.
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    @bitsnpieces Cool 👍
    Sounds like a plan for some highly confidential code ...
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    @FunkDelegate she's cool man..
    I think you should share the ideas here with her. Maybe she can innovate these too and amaze you 😆
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    @aditya23 I like your a bit overly positive way of thinking 8) I've stopped talking anything tech with her. She just stares at me as if I'm talking Latin or interrupts me saying she has no idea what I'm talking about.

    I always try to express myself in the most non-tech way though...
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