Just saw my gf print documents, scan them and then mail the scans... 😶

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    This seems to be a common thing amongst the non-tech.. We must educate them and their silly ways.
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    @growling I said sth like "Can't you just mail the screenshots?" but she replied I should let her do it her way. I didn't insist and continued watching Married with children.
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    I honestly think this is the only way most ppl know how to generate a pdf version of a document
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    oh geez.
    Tell me she need sign the printed copy
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    @sunfishcc I'm obliged to disappoint you. She didn't need to sign them && she didn't sign them.
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    To everyone calling his gf stupid, her method is the best way to remove any tracking data or additional content by putting it through a layer in the real.
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    @LeFlawk but can the scanner maintain those?
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    There are also special people who send screensjots by pasting it in an Excel document and sending that one instead...
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    @seraphimsystems I wouldn't call her stupid, just no affinity to tech. I'm pretty sure it wasn't her intention to erase traces. But I like your comment. It didn't cross my mind.
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    Sometimes guiding them to the right process takes slightly out of the box thinking.

    First, remove all the paper from the printer (and backup paper), then, ask her to send you something. When she complains that she can't print it, THEN show her that she can, in the print menu, select save as pdf instead. She may be far more inclined to try this, when her usual method simply won't work. Also, best you don't let her see you "finding the lost printer paper"
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    @Arro don't know if you should counter out of the box thinking with out of the box thinking 8)
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