*Me working on the security system of the notes app thingy*

"hmm, should check if a users' ip is valid, let's look for some online services..."

*can't find a good one without rate limits*


*hold on, I wrote one myself 🤣*

I am so fucking retarded sometimes.

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    Shit it happens man.

    Kinda stereotypical, but I misspelled a word and it took me 15 minutes of rewriting the code again to realize I had misspelled the word lol
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    @Torbuntu Nope, hadn't had time yet to clean up my desk :(

    Will do tomorrow anyways because getting some visitors during the weekend and its a fucking mess right now xD
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    Do you publish your projects code somewhere?
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    What do you mean by checking if the ip is valid? Do you restrict acces based on ip ranges?
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    @Wack Nope but recording (hashed) ip addresses for session security reasons. If someone would spoof it to idk or whatever, that wouldn't be the best idea imo :)
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    @fuck2code can you explain?

    I've seen that episode at least a half dozen times, so I remember it clearly. Just don't really see the connection
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    @fuck2code Ooooh. Yeah I get that.

    I read it as "ep one of silicone valley" not "one ep of".

    My bad lol
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