Fun fact: Busses in our town... or is it a city now? Haven't checked the population count in a while... anyway, they've got some... what would you call it... double-sided weird thing with monitors inside hanging from the ceiling and they are supposed to be used to play ads but only thing that airs there are videos from RedBull TV and an occasional "ad" reminding everyone who's paying for some fancy new buildings in the city(the EU), now that would be fine... But why the heck does the PC that runs them reboot every time the bus hits a bump or a pothole in the road and most of all why does it run a full-blown Ubuntu 10.04?!! I mean it's still better than running Windows but just why... why are they even using PCs... A Raspberry Pi would be more than enough for the job...

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    Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM... If you're the guy in charge of choosing the hardware and you pick a Pi it's all too easy for someone to turn and point a finger at you when the developers/sysadmin/installers/whoever screw it all up, because you're the guy who bought the weird hobbyist hardware and the suits don't know any better. "PC" is the default hardware and Ubuntu is the default Linux distro so it's a pretty safe choice.

    My first guess would be that the power cable is loose. But if it were a Pi and it had persistent issues with the cabling being loose, the Pi guy would be potentially in trouble. The PC+Ubuntu guy is probably not.
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    > without being too large
    You are kidding, right?
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    @HollowKitty they do not necessarily have to use a RaspberryPi but seeing as they make no money(it's a separate company, not Arriva - DB) I would choose something that's not too OP for the job... And there are surely a lot of cables that are loose exactly the same... I think it must be either the HDD which is absolutely useless to be in these PCs or the graphics card... a small PC (like Pi) would resolve these issues, no parts that could come loose and no parts that are moving
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    hm, interesting issue. By the way, you mentioned you didn't check the current population. You can do it easily here https://populationstat.com/brazil/... and not only the current but the predictions. Quite useful.
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