So in the school we had to do the “court hearing” performance for the Civicis class.
Of course no one would write the script, so I sat down with my dad and wrote it (it was inspired by A War movie from 2016 [I think it was named also Krigen], really good movie). I actually still got the script on my Google Drive. Anyway, I wrote it, printed it 5 times and the next day I showed up. I gave them it, and one said “it sucks”. So I’ve replied “maybe you’ve should have done something instead of complaining now?”. He didn’t replied.

So anyway, the class began, our group was the last one. The others had really mediocre stories, so I was pretty confident. We sat down, I was the judge, we had a defender, accused, accuser and the witness.

I hope everyone knows how real court hearing looks like? There is lengthy beginning, overall it’s boring, and remember - the defender, accuser and judge read most part from their notes? Okay, note that.

So as we started, I started to speak the introduction monologue, and then all of the sudden, the teacher in the middle of me saying said “why is it so long?”. I’ve ignored that and continued. After like 50 seconds, she again stopped (not me this time) and said “why are you reading all of this?! You should have remember all of it!”. First of all, she didn’t said ANYTHING like that to other groups, second how come you remember such a long script (even tho we had a week to prepare it). At this point I have tighten my fist.
Anyway, we’ve continued. After like a minute or so this fucking bitch AGAIN stopped us and guess what she said...

“It bores me”

Well FUCK YOU then! Most of the court hearings are BORING. It’s not a fucking Hollywood!
Anyway, we’ve finished our performance, she gave us “3” grade (that is like in the middle). I was super pissed, and yeah...


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