I'm pretty sure my clients would fail the marshmallow test 9/10 times if not 10/10 times. We have a certain time period of the day set aside for me to look into new reported bugs but besides that I'm supposed to work on regular tasks. Of course, they ask me five hours after that time period is done, whether I can look into a new (non-urgent) bug. At the cost of the new thing they want to launch in 2 weeks. 🤔 I would love it if we actually had time to fix every single bug in the codebase but what typically happens is I get about 15 bug reports (most duplicates) and I'm expected to fix all of them in a span of 2 hours.

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    Hey, good thing about duplicates - you fix one bug and can then close multiple issues/tickets. From a PM perspective - you're very efficient and productive... hey, that might actually explain the expeced workload.
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    @theKarlisK This would be true if they gave everyone access to the ticketing system! Instead they usually just ping me directly.
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    @HollowKitty I see ... that is quite annoying then. Over where I work we have an unwritten rule: "no ticket - no problem" ... as in - if there is nowhere to log work, the problem won't even be acknowleged (I mean, the small things will be allowed to slide... but things like bugfixes won't).
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