Taking a database class, prof insists on using Microsoft Sql server 2014. "Okay cool" said the Microsoft surface fan boy inside me as I installed it. "Holy shit this is using 6 fucking GBs?? Eh it's okay I trust" again said my Microsoft fanboy self. Finished installing, makes queries and it works. Cool.

Go to run Sql server again next day and get an error (nothing displayed, just a box pop up and then a crash) I use some Google skills. Change a bunch of shit and still it persists. "Just uninstall it and reinstall again" says my prof. I do so except random errors during installation saying Sql already exists even though I just uninstalled it. "Maybe it's some registry keys messing with it!" do some digging, remove unneeded registry keys and try again. Installation finished but a whack of features say failed to install.

I sit and try to work this shit out for the next four hours (not paying attention to my class) and still can't get Sql to completely uninstall itself. I try iobit uninstaller, command line uninstalling, fucking everything but still not working. Slowly my fanboy side is wishing that the windows symbol on the back of my machine was an apple.

I ended up having to backup all my files and reinstalling windows to get it working properly. Holy sweet fuck. The worst part is when this class is done ill probably need to reinstall yet again to save the 6gb it's sucking up. So if you're not sure whether you need something as heavy as Microsoft Sql server or not for your application, don't use it! It's a fucking virus that is super difficult to remove.

Tldr: life long Microsoft fanboy becomes apple convert in a day of using Microsoft Sql server.

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    Buying Apple is just trading one master for another.

    Install Linux. Join us in Freedom!
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    @greyfade I do enjoy Linux just don't like the limited options on a good looking light weight Linux machine that I don't need to pay for windows. Did look into system76 though
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    Strange, I have been using every version of SQL server except datacenter since version 7 or earlier and never seen anything like that.

    And I have never ever had to touch the register.

    Could there be some over zealous antivirus that decided to “clean out” some files?
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    @Voxera yeah it was a first for me honestly. And I'm not sure what the cause was as another classmate of mine ran into the same issue as I did. Maybe a bad iso.
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    Ew, Apple.
    Even worse.
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    I had to use a Microsoft Sql, my server crashed two times and backups were broken. I will never use it. I also thinkt that prices for regular licenses are way to expensive.
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    @Condor brooooo, the trauma is coming back! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    I knew that windows's software management is crap but I wouldn't have expected it to leave the system in a broken state😱
    Never had a single issue(exept for my own stupidity) related to my database (mariaDB) on linux. It runs smoth as butter even though its a huge mythtv installation serving terrabytes of data to my family and frends and runing on a old low-end machine with 2 cores and 4gigs ram. Oh and its a http(s), ts and file(owncloud+sftp) server too :D
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    Apple sucks more
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