Boss: We need a new functionality to record company names for now.
Me: Ok. (This will be a quick one)

(few mins later)
Me: Ok, adding/editing/deleting company names.. done. I also added "date recorded" field, just in case we need it.
Boss: Ok, thanks.

(~20 mins later)
Boss: We also need a functionality for the users which has "this" permission to be able to "request" for a company registration. We need to add fields to record the contact person, email, phone, etc.. Once a "request" has been submitted, "this" person-in-charge has to get a notification on the dashboard. And the requesters, should get a notification that they have a pending request sent. Once the registration is done, the requester has to be notified.
Me: πŸ‘€

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    woah now
  • 12
    Holy shit bro
    It’s always like this..
    The it turns into a fucking frankeinstein system
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    Good thing you already have a robust system to easily add new data models, permissions, and notifications, because your boss totally allocated time and resources for that previously, right? :)))))) haha
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    Manager sat in a meeting and just nodded his head over and over.
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    @HollowKitty haha exactly yes! πŸ˜‚Though it's more like a sophisticated spaghetti monster than robust system because neither of the modules were planned. Everything built was based on on-the-fly demands.
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    I've heard of scope creep, but dang this shit is scope blitzkrieg
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