Is ther anyone here who tried creating thier own PHP framework? And why you stop or continue working on it? I just want to know if what I'm doing now with my free time is worth it, well except for the fact that I learn to discover better approach on some problems that I encountered before. :)

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    Dont create
    First learn other framework

    Once fed up and has more
    I mean enough time for 3 years.
    Then create your own framework.

    Note : one must maintain and give support
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    Why create the wheel again?
    test existing ones and improve them If you have the time
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    Why would you do that?
    There are already good frameworks with great community like CakePHP and Laravel.
    If you wanna do it for your personal goals then it's cool, otherwise publishing it will create extra responsibilities for you, like maintaining it, fixing bugs ... etc.
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    Yes, but I use it only in my own projects.

    User authentication.
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    Yes, did it, not a whole framework, but projects structure and a lot of helper classes that i use in every projets, like auth, hiding url, controller / route system, form validation
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