Dear Indian Spammers,

The next time you spam me, I'm going to submerge your head in a Cauldron of Acid, Semen, and Anthrax, and the Ebola virus.

Kind Regards,

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    The Spam folder + the filters were made for this
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    I'll wank on their heads while you cut them off, then piss in the cauldron while you're submerging them.

    I fucking hate spam and spammers, no matter where they're from.
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    @AlexDeLarge Yeah, I only mention Indians lately because in the past few months, 100% of my issues have been with Indians lol. It's really pissing me off. It's got to the point where I've gone against my normal rules (which is to never respond, and just use filters and delete), and now I just reply to all of them, threatening and abusing them. I've had enough of it. There should be really harsh penalties for people who send mail like this. Jail time would be preferable. Maybe 10-15 years for harassment. That would be great.
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    How do you usually deal with these cold/spam emails in general?

    Usually, I just create a filter on my email based on keywords like "SEO", "create website", "Business partnership", etc. And use fake info on whois like noindiancoldemails@gmail.com

    But there are still a few emails which are able to reach my inbox. Annoying as fuck.
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    I think the worst spammers are from "scrappy" SV startups and their wannabes. You sign up for a trial to test out their service and forever after get 3 emails per day every day from them and if you mark them as spam they'll get angry because "we comply with CAN-SPAM"... one of the weakest anti-spam laws in the world. Besides that, consumer spam filters aren't a law enforcement tool, they're a tool for people to keep crap they don't want out of their inbox (also known as SPAM). Don't send me spam and I won't mark you as spam!
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    @HollowKitty That's exactly how those people act, beautifully summarized.
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    Hail Jason 🕴️
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    @maxx HAIL HYDRA!
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    Email flooder, call flooder?
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    Am I here too late?
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    @jAsE-Official never too late to HAIL HYDRA! YEAHHH!!!
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    @teganburns Yeah, suddenly I commiserate with them.

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    Too many spammers in here @rEaL-jAsE
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    I ve found that playing along with them yields a shit ton of fun. But then again, i procrastinate a lot so i need stuff like that lel
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    @someDude if I play along, I don't get a response. And there was actually one time where I genuinely wanted to get more information from them, and they didn't respond to my request for more information that they said they would send in the first email. Like wtf
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