Why do people write code in other language than English..? i.e. native language..?

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    Why do people mix both?
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    Sorry, I didn't get you.
    Come again please?
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    KadsLielsObjekts klo = new KadsLielsObjekts();


    instead of

    SomeBigObject sbo = new SomeBigObject();

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    Because they probably don't know English. It's a difficult language to learn with lots of stupid rules.
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    Why the hell not? Compilers don't care, neither does the cpu. 😒
    I write most in English anyway...
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    @nbamaral programmers have to read the code, inheriting projects written by the lowest bidder and having everything written in <insert language only 5m people speak> here is painful when you're not one of those 5m people.

    I can accept russian, chinese, hindi, arabic, and other big languages but not shit like norwegian or icelandic ...
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    I'm not an English native speaker, yet I rather code and read in English because it's faster for me to think in english. But sometimes I have to share code with coworkers that don't read English. I don't like it,but don't make a big deal out of it. Search and replace is there for the rescue.
    Not every piece of code is having an international audience anyway 😊
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    > shit like norwegian
    Big words to say on our national day >:(
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