Hey, let's take a look at the Clojure compiler, this might be interesting.

What the actual fuck?

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    Because it's normal code as well?

    (I think I don't get it r/wooosh)
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    The rant is in the tags again. Indentation is fucked up.

    Too large indentation might be problem that the dev dealt with here. I guess, that is one way to solve it.
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    Maybe it's a mix of tabs and spaces and someone used a different tab width? It might have looked good on their end
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    @7400 anyone that does that needs to have their computer taken away.
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    Btw indentation across the whole codebase is completely fucked up. Stuff insider classes is not indented at all, braces are sometimes the same height as their codeblock, sometimes they are not. It is just horrific
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