I have some databases on my new socks

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    I'm not sure if Mongo DB is a well choosen name. In Germany the term 'Mongo' is used as a insult. 😓
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    @Manao What does it mean? I'm guessing it is in the same vein as the dutch word mongol meaning retard?
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    @Manao there are so many languages in the world, with so many words, that it is really difficult to find a name that is not silly/stupid/funny/offensive etc. in all of them. One time I found a website that searches a queried name in other languages, and if it exists, gives english translation.
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    My guess is that "mongo" is derived from the word "humongous".
    since their slogan is "MongoDB for GIANT ideas".

    Where did thy find the socks btw?
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    Oh man. I want those socks so bad.
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    Where did you buy them from?
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    hasPair = true

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    @FinlayDaG33k I got it in AWS summit, mongo db was one of their cooperater
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    @NullBrain I didn't buy them, I got them on AWS summit :)
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