What do I need to know before making a social network in Django?

Currently I know HTML, CSS, and Python3. I just want to get an idea of what my progress is and where I go from here. Sorry if this is a naive question, it's because I am naive :/

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    Just start doing it and if you are missing something you can catch up later (if this is a personal or open source project)
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    Add Javascript with some kind of frontend framework, a database and a LOT of marketing ability.
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    Use something like Vue to deal with the front end or it'll get out of hand quickly plus it leaves python to deal with the shit it does best. Data.
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    Tip #1: Do it as a FUN project

    Tip #2: Even if social medias users tend to not care about speed, I would suggest you learn how to integrate C library in Python and Cython for things that need to be fast (sorting, researching, etc.)
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    @-vim- an normal server should do it. just focus on the apps and endpoints you wil create.
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