Not actually happened to me, but to friends...

For school, they had to make a console program which sent requests to some servers and displayed the server answer (more complicated than that, but that's not the point). They had the choice to use C# or Java. They chose C#.
Today was the day where they had to show it to the teacher, who is an Apple fan, Mr. I-love-Java, and knows more than anybody because he's fabulous.
During the whole presentation, Mr. Fabulous did not stop to rant about Windows being utter shit and C# being bad.
My friends added some colours to their program just to make it prettier, though it wasn't asked, and when the teacher saw that, he patronisingly said "Don't think you can impress me with your colors. I did that before your birth, and in C, to say the least. So seeing you doing it in C# leaves me completely indifferent."

Bitch, changing console colors in C takes 1 line of code, 19 characters, and you're not more than 7 years older than us. Stop masturbating your ego and thinking that people make beautiful things to impress you rather than from love of a job well done.

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    These people shouldn't be teachers.
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    @ODXT Those people shouldn't be.
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    The more incompetent a techer/professor is, the more he guards himself with shit like this. " I am great I did it all, don't even ask me you are a shiter and a noob you pleb."

    After 10+ yers in the academia I smell them from a mile.

    Not even one great proff is ego-wanker, totally opposite, they are humble.
    Because the more you do, the more you know there is so much you still don't know.

    The more you think and understand what you did and how many things can go wrong in general, you stay fucking humble.
    But when you are a wanker and know just one thing like a monkey? You are a wanker and time comes when someone will shit on you and your ego with real solid work.

    Ps. Google scholar never lies.
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    The worst is that I think he's not a bad dev and he's eager to learn new things. But he clearly skipped the "knowing how much you don't know" part. But we have an other teacher who's maybe the most talented and hard working person I know, and boy is he a good and humble teacher.
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    @Brosyl Maybe he is great, maybe it is his self-marketing strategy.

    Being wanker as a teacher breaks it all for me tho no matter the expertise level.

    It is extremely infuriating.
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    @RustyCookie 100% agreed.
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