Good dev friend just told me today he believes the moon landing was faked.
Like, What the fuuuuck you have a M.Sc. in engineering.
You know the Sc. stands for goddamn science! I don't know if I can take him seriously anymore...should I try to change his mind? How?

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    Many people graduate with a grade of 2.0/4.0 GPA! he might have bunked most of the classes! (just a theory)

    & Welcome to devrant!
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    By telling him earth is flat and sun revolves round the earth, and every space thing is a conspiracy
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    i haven't met a person who whole heartedly believes conspiracies and uses logic in it. they want to believe them.

    then on the flip side after something is revealed as true (like CIA stuff being linked to JFK) no one frickin cares or points out there was a true theory

    maybe they just like the mystery? or would rather think there's really smart people in power instead of idiots everywhere running amuck.

    i wouldn't bother...
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    Well, before judging him, maybe ask him if he's seen any content supporting that and look at that for yourself?

    I mean, I've been telling since before the snowden leaks about what I think happens with mass surveillance and everybody declared me completely crazy.
    And then Snowden came along.

    I've had this with multiple things actually and I'm always proven right a few months/years later, not that I like that much but yeah, what do you do?
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    before snowden there was Carnivore. gov(s) has been shaddy for a while.

    motive alone it's hard to accept. the only reason i've heard for fake moon landing is cold war "my dick is bigger"
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    No ones saying the sciene behind it was fake, people are saying the fact that the US wasted a shit load of money just to send people to the moon is fake and that they staged the whole thing to just stretch their dicks for the measuring contest with russia. Though personally i want to believe its real, i have no opinion on whether it is or is not fake, i couldnt give 2 shits to go wasting time trying to come to a conclusion myself whrn i know i will never know the truth
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    Why haven't we gone back?
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    @linuxxx Interesting point. I just realised I didn't approach this very scientifically myself. Gonna research this and hopefully have an absurd and fun discussion with him. Let's see if I need a tinfoil hat in the end πŸ˜€
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    @Flink91 I've looked into it a tiny bit myself and I've gotta say, their arguments are actually quite reasonable haha
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    @Flink91 Also, tinfoil hats have to do with people who think some kinda radio wave can manipulate their brain, that has nothing to do with this I think....?
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    @linuxxx uhh yeah in german that's a general derogatory for conspiracy theorist. I thouggt that works in english too😌😝
    Best argument I found for the moon landing not being fake so far: Enemy Russia congratulated the US for it and never revealed anything else. Why wouldn't they
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    @Flink91 I read one thing about the flag waving in the wind on video.

    Detail: there isn't (enough) wind for that in the moon haha.

    But idk, don't have the motivation to look into that haha
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