Anybody yet with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on their server? any issues, anything that is majorly different to 16.04?

I was still starting servers with 16.04 but now that laravel needs php7.1 and install candidate seems to be 18, it would be much more handy, not having to each time add the third party ppa, for the most basic dependencies

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    @Condor well all the bug reports so far seem to be for the desktop version? though maybe just not as many are testing the server one
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    haha thanks for catching it 😊
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    I span one up for testing. There was no working sqlsrv driver for 18.04 then and when I looked they was saying sometime in June. As long as you don't need that you should be good.
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    Had no problems or bugs so far. I've used both desktop and servers. I actually think both are much better to use. I might be biased because of my love for updates
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    @Kandelborg Have been deploying with 18.04 too, after they updated some broken repos it all works fine so far too, will try to move my old 16.04s slowly too 😊
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