I think I used to identify myself heavily by my work, career and so felt very dissatisfied I wasn't living up to my potential and getting the chances I deserved. I just couldn't get my dream job...

But now it feels like I've sorta split into Work and Life. Work does whatever is needed to pay the bills and is pretty satisfied now. Still gotta deal with monkeys but maybe devRant has helped provide an outlet to unleash the stress... and maybe sorta made it fun...

But Life juggles among different things, some time wasters, but seems now not so coding heavy anymore unless it's really inspired. And doesn't like putting aside time to prepare for interviews anymore or even actively seek out the latest tech news...

I sorta forgot what I was saying but does anyone else feel they used to have one identity but now split into 2 or more?

Actually I think this is what triggered it. Read this awhile ago but suddenly had this thought in my mind...


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    Yes. There was a time when I was highly career focused.

    The failures and setback changed me and now I seek multiple things in life only in a hope that I will atleast achieve one of them.

    I end up chasing everything and achieve nothing.
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    @Floydian I ++ before I saw the last part. But guess just need a positive mindset. I'm not big on positivity but focusing on failure too much just makes u feel like crap. Just learn the lesson and move on.

    And yea find some hobbies or something you can use as a baseline like that saying "no matter what there's always tomorrow"
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    @billgates I am guy who is very highly motivated and have motivated others.

    But when I am low, self blaming and pitty is only way for me until the feeling sinks in completely and I am ready for next thing.

    Somehow this time I have nothing to look forward to. Weird. I am numb and lost.

    First time things are so fucked up. Sorry to bother you with my venting.
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