Somebody asked on how to get started on Full Stack web application development.

This is how I got started.

Client side Web Application Development:

• Start with basic HTML, CSS and JS, JSON. For quick learning, see W3Schools for these topic or YouTube it.

• Get a local web server. "200 OK!" webserver chrome extension is a good start. (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...)

• Learn Chrome Dev Tools to debug the pages. YouTube it.

• Get a good IDE. I am very happy with VSCode. You can use it for very serious WebApps.

• Start learning JavaScript language in depth, but just related to Web Browser related topic or you would get sucked in server side too early.

• Install node.js. Learn NPM package manager. Learn basic node commands.

• Learn complexity of JS file referencing, JS modules in browser. Just learn, don't use it yet, to understand the benefits of code bundlers.

• Learn Webpack code bundler.

• Learn how to make you simple site much faster and using in Mobile using "Progressive Web Apps".

• Now learn to make modular UIs. I love React. Focus on getting the UI code modulear. Create Single Page sites. (You are not there yet to create a Web App) “Create-React-App” started kit is a good starting point.

• Learn to create multi-page site using React-router.

• Learn application state management using Redux.

• Learn to create application decision engine using Redux-Saga.

Practice and master each stage.

Along above, learn git / GitHub (to learn from others code), find good web resources like Medium / Smashing magazine, good YouTube channels etc. I subscribed to some popular Udemy courses too.

Server side Web development:
:) First learn client side Web Application development. Server side learning is another story.

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