Created a whole program from scratch in Powershell, while learning it on the fly. Developed GUI and got some friends to beta test it. Fixed bugs and finally the manager saw. After using it for not even a whole minute, he says "Looks fine, just make it in Python and we'll see".

Fuck Python
Fuck this shit stupid world

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    If it only has to work on windows, why would you rewrite it in python? What's the point?
    If it has to work on anything that doesn't have powershell by default, why would you write it in powershell in the first place?
    Rewriting a program in a different language is a very hard and boring task, so nobody should do it unless the original doesn't work in its target environment.
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    Exactly @Lor-inc Exactly!

    This has to work in Windows only, but he wants it in Python because other people don't know powershell that well. And that is also a bullcrap argument because they don't have to do anythig with the scripts!!!!!
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    @PyVic no its not. Who will maintain it after you?
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    @donnico it's not for that long term use. Two years max. And there is no update necessary, the program automates stuff that's been like that for 8 years now!
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    @PyVic He has a point in that using languages that only you know delegates all future tasks with the program to you, which decreases the overall speed and agility of the team. But if it's a small and specialized program this shouldn't be a big enough problem to make you rewrite the whole thing.
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    Powershell runs on Linux and Mac too by the way ;)
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    @gruff it does run, but it isn't made for that, and has an entire different set of commands. For multiplatform programs, it's best to use a language that was meant for that. Python is a good example, but eg c++ has good compatibility too.
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    Don't say "fuck Python", please.
    It really hurts 💔

    & Welcome to devrant!
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    @mohammed Thank you

    I like Python but people are making me hate it!
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    Welcome to DevRant!
    If you need a good GUI framework I'd recommend AppJar. Simple, powerful and easy to learn.
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    @Klanowicz It is for the team. Actually, the reason why I'm so angry is because I wrote this just for me. My manager saw me using and wanted me to share it with the team. Then he wanted the GUI. Then some extra features. Now, port it to Python!
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    @PrivateGER Thanks! This was more of an RPA thing than just GUI. Thanks for the advice though!
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    @PyVic Get an avatar! :)
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    @PyVic I know how you feel, I make automated things for myself all the time and then people see them and want me to share. When I make things for myself they are 99% CLI and no gui since I'm not a designer and I don't care how things look. I have no issue with sharing the script and explaining it, but when someone starts asking for a gui I get a little bothered too.
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    @sylar182 Yes, exactly. This was initially just a script, no GUI. I just wanted to save some time in the morning and I hate mundane tasks.
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    @PyVic I always say "if I have to do it once, I'll have to do it again. And if I have to do it again, it should be automated."
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    PowerShell FTW!
    Maybe the boss doesn't think the rest of the team are capable of learning new language.
    (And PowerShell is relatively easy to learn.)
    There are places where the developer can choose the language he want to build his project with.
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    @PyVic don't worry about managers. I find that that takes away the joy. You wrote that script for you. That's good enough. You walked the extra mile. He isn't paying you to write that script in python and has no right to demand anything. Besides if you want people to use it, it's irrelevant what language people know. The script is there to help them not to make them work on changing it. If they want to customize then it's a good opportunity to learn a new thing.
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