Why do i see literally ever Indian person making either a calculator or a school management system at this time of the year? Is there like a nationwide test across schools or something?

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    Trivia, its an online bookstore here, everyone has to make one sooner or later
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    @Floydian i edited it just for you, now answer my fucking question (:
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    @Floydian well if you did not have to make a calculator, that already would answer the question
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    I think you can blame the outdated professors, who doesn't want to step out of their comfort zone (unless it's in their PhD research area). Unfortunately, that's not in India only, it's in the most of 3rd world countries (including UAE) who only focus on theory more than practice.

    If you are studying in Europe or North America, and you propose a calculator or online booking system the professor most probably will pass out or die from cringe!
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    @BrokenMutant yeah, i always feel wtf when someone posts a pic of that ancient blue ide
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    Most of the professors here don't have any real-world experience, they aren't aware of those endless useful things one can build with programming.
    So they stick with what they've been taught, calculator and management systems with programming.
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