First Year in College.

I have been into computers since 9th Standard. What I meant was I could make music, edit images, play and install games after downloading, hack them(change values) using Cheat Engine, make trainers for myself because why type when you can freeze, format computers using a pendrive (trust me, I saved a lot of money) and then finally, make some presentations and send emails.

Now, College begins. Programming in C language. I don't know what the fuck that means. But they say, it's 'essential'.

Enter Professor. "Okay students, we begin with the course on C Language. how many of you know pointers?".

Me: Wow. Sounds cool. But, I don't know anything.

I couldn't love coding. I think I love to code but at the end of the day, I'm a sick Undergraduate who fell in love with a Bass Guitar and Vocals and wants to code for a living. Heavily interested in changing the world and all that stuff but have no motivation and even if I have, I can't give a fuck about it.

Peers are getting medals everywhere. I'm sitting alone in a room learning C. They said, It was 'essential', but they never told me, 'why'.

Not a rant. IDGAF what you think but I'm a failure looking for ways to make a living.

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    Its like u need to learn to ride a bicycle before jumping into a KTM duke. Its essential.
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    @senzory , this makes sense. But I have my college placements coming up in 2 months and I don't know what the fuck Mergesort is. I mean, I understand what it is but, the pain in making it running without a segmentation fault eats me up real bad.
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    You need start programming at one language, and your uni has chosen C for that (Although it's not an object oriented language). Anyways, for the sake of your degree you need survive all these.

    All the best & Welcome to devrant!
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    @htlr Agreed. But only if the professor had been a little 'casual' things would have been different. argh, this argument of mine pushes me into the Blamers category shit.
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    lol. In search of that minimum motivation which I should have got 3 years ago, I'm here ranting about it all to get some swag so that I can start off coding right away. This is getting so desperate on my part I'm sorry :(
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    C is actually a good starting language... at least in my opinion... it teaches u the fundamentals of computers and those segmentation faults make u a better debugger... ur able to catch bugs much easily... and it gives u better patience too... u won’t b mad at something not working immediately...
    Plus, it’s a lot easier to learn the language of ur choice later on since most probably they will have quite similar fundamentals ( unless u go for functional programming I guess? ) and it’s extremely hard for one to go to lower level language like after being used to a higher level language like ruby or python or any other.
    Just my 2 cents ☺️

    But go strong! U’ll do this!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
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