I have now decided to use the following Stack for web developement.

- Kotlin with Ktor.io as REST application
- RethinkDB

- NuxtJS Universal Application
- Typescript
- Buefy (Bulma for Vue)

What do you think ?

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    Nuxt.js ftw!
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    @J-2FA RethinkDB is really easy to setup (under 10s installed on Windows WINDOWS THE KING OF LONG INSTALLS) and it's easy to administer it via the http interface and the 3rd party tool chateau. And ReQL is also very nice.
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    @J-2FA It's very easy to scale. Just install it and on first run connect it with the main node. Oh and of course it's open-source and part of the Linux Foundation. You should first see this https://rethinkdb.com/limitations/ and read through, maybe there is something that limits in your use-case.
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    @J-2FA Because you use MongoDB you can look into the difference on this site https://rethinkdb.com/docs/... (Of course research also on other sources)
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    @dUcKtYpEd ?
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    Great Frontend, but I would rather go for Mongo instead of Rethink as Mongo isn't really a lot harder but imo way more powerful.
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