I was getting some state support whilst I start my business. I was told this would last for two years, so I planned out my first year largely growing my network rather than looking specifically for paying clients. With a month left in the first year, I was told that no. I only have a year. Now, four months later, I'm about four days away from being completely out of everything. I am so annoyed at being misinformed, but perhaps even more annoyed that I relied on a civil servant to give me honest, fact-checked advice and didn't do my own research.

What the fuck do I do now?

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    1) Damage control.

    Do you owe anyone anything? If you have, do you have any solution to solve and settle it?

    2) Exit strategy.

    What will happen if you stop your business right now? Or can you sell it to someone else?

    3) Utilize resource.

    Almost a year of networking (finding connection) and doing business should give you something in your hands. Contact infos, potential partners, etc. Can you ask for investment from those of you know of?

    4) Loans.

    Possible to get the necessary budget from banks or from parents or from relatives or from friends or from selling kidneys?

    5) Do you still want to do it?

    If you answered no to most of above questions, well you are pretty much screwed.
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    Do you mind telling which state is it whose bureaucracy is like that?
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    @ViRaS England.

    @CurseMeSlowly I don't think anyone would be interested in the business at the moment, its pretty much conceptual apart from some plans, some partially developed applications, and a book of names. That said, I wouldn't sell anyway, its far too early in the game for that.

    The only real option is investment. I have next to no idea how to make a proper investment pitch, but that might be a solution anyway. If I could get even three months of running costs I could probably be right back up and running. This is the route I should take, I think.
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    @monr0e All the best
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