Trying to run our Angular application today, got this error message: "Node Sass does not yet support your vurrent environment: OS X-64bit with Unsupported runtime (64)"
JavaScript frameworks cause problems on different hardware architectures and platforms. That probably was not easy to break...

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    Node-sass is a native node module meaning it is written in c++. Npm uses a mechanism called node-gyp which automatically downloads a binary or compiles the source on you machine. That is probably what was causing the issues...
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    Reason #1 to learn the platform you develop on. As @FetzenNET said its the native part of the module that throws this error. But one thing i have to correct you on is that you can write them in more then just C++, for example C or Rust.
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    @FetzenNET Thanks for pointing that out. So they needed something fast and scalable, right? 😁
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    @Hammster I'm not actually developing the project, I need to run it for a test. But fully agree...
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