Since past two-three years, Indian Government has been organizing a Hackathon called Smart India Hackathon for college students. And Luckily our team was selected this year.

This team had 5 Electronics Student and 1 Computer Student. Guess who the Computer Student was? Yea, Me.

They Knew nothing about Android Development. And the idea was about an Android Development. I was the only person who could code.

The centre for our hackathon was Varanasi and we live in Hyderabad. So we had to go there. I have not really travelled a lot in the trains (especially not this far from Hyderabad to Varanasi ). During the whole 37 hours journey, I was not able to sleep cause I am not accustomed to sleeping on a train.

The moment we reached Varanasi the hackathon had started which was 36 hours long. Normally team members switch places so that they can sleep but not ours. Cause I was the only one coding and it had to be done in this 36 hours. So add this up 36+36 hours of no sleep, I must have rarely slept for 3-4 hours in that 72 hours.

After the hackathon, I slept like a Snorlax whereas the other went for a trip around Varanasi ('_')

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    @Condor I was forced to be on this team by my college. To "distribute the strength," they said.
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    @shaikadil To save their souls they means...
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    @shaikadil well if you're the only one contributing it's poorly distributed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But hey, I'm pretty impressed and proud of you, you deserved that Snorlax sleep 😎
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    @frickerg Haha, Thanks.
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    Same happened here Rajasthan was the center. Had to travel all the way from Bangalore and guess what they were not able to sell the product. It was a web job.
    This happened last year though.
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    Our group was also selected for 2 projects with centre Chennai, but the damn exams and fucktard BPUT, they didn't shifted the exams despite several colleges under BPUT wrote letter to BPUT as wells as to AICTE. fml :/
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    I think it is pretty close to ding
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    This is why no one likes group projects where they can't choose their groups
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    This is not fking healthy
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    @zemaits Agree. .
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    @sak96 hey i was in rajasthan

    Jaipur digifest - Hackathon 4.0
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    @Wallpaper ikr? I have developed this thing that I don't care what the opportunity is if the team is shitty I just drop it and the opportunity as well. Not really worth going through the shit
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    Well. If you ever died of exhaustion. You were in the right place.

    Well done btw :)
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    @Santaclauze Yea I would have gotten the maouksh. Btw how do you know about it even though you are from Vietnam?
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    I am based in vietnam.

    I lived in Himachal Pradesh for about a year. Darhamsalla.

    I experienced Goa as well. But sasly enough, not the beautiful smells of Varanassi!
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    If you aren't fucked up you are not a programmer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Condor never studied in an Indian college eh.
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