Was writing a first product for my best friend and my first company/startup. (that one is on hold now by the way).

Spent about a month doing a full-time internship and also programming after that the entire day. Weekends full of programming as well and after a few weeks I noticed that when turning around/walking quickly, I lost my balance.

Went to the doctor who immediately asked if I worked loads and loads to which I answered yes.

He took a look at my daily patterns in general and then told me that I was having a thing which you were only supposed to get at old age and that I was heading towards a burnout because my body was highly not used to/ready for this.

Continued for a little and people started asking why I looked so white (my face lost color) and unhealthy.

Started to take care of myself and voilà, within weeks I was getting better :)

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    I'm 17 and I can barely walk straight. I should really prioritize school and wait with programming until my sommer break.
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    @olback Don't code when you don't feel up to it. Maybe investigate your options. You might look at it as procrastination, but it'll help you make choices and keep up with the current tech you'd want to implement.

    So, yes: school should, at least currently, be your number one game atm.

    @linuxxx glad you got out of that pickly one! Keep healthy bro
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    @xewl Still have it from time to time but I now recognize the symptoms so I can immediately take action when I get them again :)
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    @linuxxx Take care mate, too early to go ka-boom ! Lots to see lots to do!!
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    This scares me a little considering I have been feeling the same way lately
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    "We've got another wk105er here boys! Fetch the brancard."
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