I've just found an awesome repo:

There is soooo much great stuff in there! Lots and lots of commands with some quick examples, much clearer than having to look through cryptic manpages and SO replies.

I literally just understood in 30 seconds how git stash and cherry-pick work thanks to those examples - something I struggled to wrap my head around from the --help manual

This is awesome!

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    Looks really good; bookmarked!
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    But... tar isn't in there :(
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    Lookin at the front page of tldr.sh it looks like tar is indeed included in the 'tldr' command!
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    @twistedvip Right, I should have tapped "View all of README.md" 😅 I went looking directly into pages/linux and didn't see the pages/common directory
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    This is kind of awesome. If I may make additional suggestions, there's a tool called cheat (https://github.com/chrisallenlane/... or `pip install cheat`)
    To make and view cheat sheets just like these. And it comes with a lot of good premade ones.
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    @deadPix3l oooh, that looks like a great integration too!
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