Hello Readers!

I’ve recently launched JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures repository on GitHub with collection of classic algorithms and data-structures implemented in ES6 JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings and YouTube videos.

You may find it here https://github.com/trekhleb/...

So I guess you’ve already grasp main idea of the project — helping developers to learn and practice algorithms and do it in JavaScript.

To make this process even smoother I’ve tried to put some graphical illustrations for each algorithm and data structure where it was possible just to make the idea behind those algorithms to be easily grasped and memorized.

You also may find some practical information just in the root README file that may be handy while you’re studying.

All code is 100% covered with tests. This is done not only to keep code working correctly but also to give you an illustration of how each algorithms or data structure works, what basic operations they have (let’s say polling for heap) and what are the edge cases (what to do if graph is directed).

Repository also has a playground. This is just small function template along with empty test case that will help you to start testing or working on algorithms just right after cloning the repo.

On top of that data structures there are more then 50 popular algorithms are implemented. Among them are sorting, searching algorithms, graph/tree/sets/string/math related algorithms.

I hope this repository will be helpful for you! Enjoy coding!

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