More moments of picking up someone else's project...

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    Just... I dont know... Just... Just...
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    Oh god
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    Yes, it’s horrible! I mean, just decide for one spelling of „string“!
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    Looks like a pretty standard implementation of an end-user request around here.

    I can almost hear the exchange:

    user: "I only want to select from a list of default columns!"

    dev: "There are 250 columns...which ones do you consider default?"

    user: "Hell, I don't know. What are all these fields that end with ID? Get rid of em'! Another thing...make all the fields lower case. I don't want to waste my precious time pressing the shift key to look for them."

    dev: "You don't have to. If you start typing, the filter is case-insensitive, so .. "

    user: "I don't understand your jibber-jab. Do what I say! Customer is always right!"
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    Users used to demand we allow them to enter 999 to close a window/dialog, because ...no kidding..because most people are right handed and using the numeric keypad was 'faster'.

    Attempts to persuade them to use the Esc key (or *anything* else) was met with "People would have to use their left hand and take their eyes off the screen...no....999 is easier for people to use".

    Warehouse stations had a 999 bar-code label stuck to the monitor so users didn't have to use the keyboard. Not 999<enter>, but after the last 9 and allow the <Enter> key to be optional.

    Had some really janky code to make that work.

    Luckily touchscreens and new management allowed us to remove that nonsense.
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