Forcing all your package dependencies to one specific version because you are afraid of incompatibilities is like building a scyscraper from pure concrete because wood isn't strong enough. Sounds like a decent idea at first but leads to a brittle, fragile structure that won't last very long.

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    Care to elaborate more?
    I work with pandas, and every versión changes a lot, so you dont want automatic upgrade because things will break.
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    @carlosjpc getting conflicts on subdependencies when trying to upgrade things. Restricting versions is good, but a range of known good versions (or better yet, a known versioning policy) is a way better solution than just one exact version all the time.
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    Actually, this could also be dealt with by specifying a specific version for each of the subdependencies. But as it stands only the direct dependencies get set up this way, stuck in the inane world of half measures.
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