Colleague: Hey want to get access to our repo so we can see each others code, collaborate, discuss design patterns etc?

Me: Yeah sounds like a great idea. Would love to get to know a bit more about how others are building mobile apps in the company.

Colleague: Heres the link to the iOS app: xxxxxxxxxx

*Opens link*
*looks around a bit*
*Opens cocoapods folder*
*Sees 89 dependencies*

Me: .......... actually, you know what, I have major deadlines coming up. I can't look at this right now. Lets talk in the new year.

*closes slack*

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    ... my bad, theres only 50 pods linked to the main target and 6 extra for the test target. The rest are sub dependencies. Its all good, no big deal
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    @practiseSafeHex so giving an update on slack?
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    89 dependencies is too much but 50 is ok? For me, 50 feels just as insane as 89 😄
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    at least it's not a JavaScript project, those often have HUNDREDS of dependencies (transitive dependencies still count as dependencies!)
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    ... sarcasm
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