"How much info can we get from cookies? I want to get gender, approx. age and at least first name. That's possible, right?"

Me: "that's not how cookies work.. the info needs to be stored somewhere, where we can access it. It's not in guests cookies"

"How does Google do then? They're tracking everything we do.. *bla* *bla*"

- my business partner..........

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    I've been asked this one too....
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    You could save every data you want in a cookie.
    Put them in in the cookie string and parse it again when reading.
    It might be bad practice, but possible.
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    @Anaeijon indeed, but he wanted the info from new visitors (without having to ask them for it) 😬
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    In that case... use the google cookie 😁
    (login with google or facebook and ask g/f for name, age and gender)
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    "By using this site you agree to our cookie policy. Oh and, a/s/l please [ ] tnx!"
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