So my job is now starting to spin back around towards more development styles roles.

Currently I am in the process of learning about an internal Asp.Net app for managing invoicing.

A .net core app to manage changes to rate card prices.

And a small python app which runs 40+ sql queries and writes the results to a spreadsheet.

This is the jest time I’ve used python, and I have to say I really like it

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    There was an XKCD comic strip about how awesome Python is.

    EDIT: Found it - https://xkcd.com/353/
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    @theKarlisK haha I like that. I’m not sure what it is about python, but I’ve even signed up for some udemy courses and am working through right from the “this is a string” type stuff at the beginning
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    @zarathustra oh, I remember they had a course that went something like "build X network applications with Python" X being the ammount of applications that I've seemed to forget and the said applications were ranging from various network testing applications, network services related with proxying and so on, to Django powered web dashboards (I don't recall the specifics and might be mushing together multiple tutorials. But the point was that there are cool tutorials for Python on UDemy.

    Oh, and the deeper you'll dive, the more relatable that comic will become to you. ;)
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    @theKarlisK yeah I’ve registered for a boot camp type one to give me a decent grounding with the basics, a machine learning one, and one where you build 10 different apps.
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