HBO, the network that owns Game of Thrones, one of the highest grossing and most popular shows, still use Flash for their web streaming service.

I cry in dothraki

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    As the saying goes = whatever floats your boat
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    It seems like their boat has a lot of holes and can’t float in a large variety of waters, particularly those called linux and mobile
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    There’s also websites who still use unity webplayer instead of webGL

    What is this world?!
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    It's madness!
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    I bet $20 they extend the EOL for it by another 2 years past the cutoff from 2020
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    @-vim- At least Flash works (sometimes). I don't think the Unity web player even works anymore.
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    Hahaha dothraki.

    So how were the last two seasons of the show? I stopped by then and I don't know if I should continue
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