New Dev learning Java, what is a good free source to learn code?

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    The oracle docs are fantastic, also look for the MOOC provided by the university of Hellsinki in Finland. If that ain't the best intro to Java then I don't know what is.
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    Also, welcome and don't forget to google everything u don't know.
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    No joke, YouTube has some decent how-tos. What's great is that there are so many people posting content that if you don't like the way one person presents their tutorials there's literally dozens if not hundreds of people offering essentially the same thing. The downside is that there are literally hundreds of people with tutorial content and finding someone who you like and is also informative is kind of a random walk.
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    I second oracle docs
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    There are free courses in udemy
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    Check the YouTube - Derek Banas channel
    He has some really good and dynamic playlists on programming.
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