Deciding to make the website I'm working on a one pager with calls to API.

Why did I decide to make such an extensive API. 😅

API functionality includes:
user endpoint:
- log in/out
admin endpoint:
- edit user
- create/delete user
- create (sub)menu categories
- create items (install/test/image)
image endpoint:
- create image (of machines in array)
- restore image (of machines in array)
install endpoint
- install machines (Windows/Linux)
test endpoint
- auto-test (array of machines)
- test (array of machines, test)

Then the machine endpoint:
- if action in table then do action

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    i think there is already a django app.
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    Well I'm making the front end in html+js and backend in pure PHP.

    Later going to make a front end and back end in nodeJS as well.

    Got a link for me anyway?
    Maybe I can steal some of their logic cause mine is all over the place right now.
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