I have an Amazon Echo.
I've enabled Hey, Siri.
I've given Google the OK.
I don't tape my web cam.

And I find it highly amusing that someone has potentially seen my fat, hairy ass strut naked about my home office while singing "What's up" at the top of my lungs. Perhaps multiple times.

Should I feel bad? That I may have cost the American taxpayer money in the therapy required to rehabilitate those FBI or NSA agents that have witnessed me in my full glory?

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    If you got no problem getting *that* public, don't worry. Could be quite interesting to see that on YouTube with 10+ million clicks...
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    @systemctl I mean, if that's what you're into.
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    Agreed! I've always felt if they go through the trouble to gain access, they can enjoy the show.
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    @spyke not only that, kinkshaming is a bad thing to do. Everyone their fetish.
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    I totally respect your position and more power to you!

    I want to be able to do those things too but without any witnesses or recordings, is that too much to ask?
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    @bioDan My rant isn't about others not having their right to privacy.

    It's merely an amusing statement that's true about myself.

    I'm an open person with nothing to hide, much to the dismay of my neighbors and potentially the government.
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    Don't mind me, just summoning a @linuxxx because of "Nothing to hide" :D
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    @xorith Could you please give me your email/social media and banking passwords?
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    @linuxxx Sure, but they come with debt and a slew of issues.
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    @xorith Oh don't worry, I'll just post some highly illegal content on your social media, should be enough to get you arrested.
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    @linuxxx Three meals a day and no rent to pay! Then the Don will pardon me anyway. I'll be his biggest fan.
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    @xorith I'm seeing this very late but whatever.

    I can't change the way you think and I don't want to at all but I'm currently witnessing how a friend who thought exactly like you is in heavy legal bullshit due to 'I've got nothing to hide' data.

    And in case you, like about everyone else, says that that is probably his fault anyways: it's not.

    It's just a fucked up combination of data/circumstances which, if it goes the wrong way, will destroy his fucking life.

    Yes, solely because of some fucking data.

    Not saying that that'll happen to you at all but it's not always this black and white, too badly.
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