A question for all of you. What is the best way in CS to earn enough money for a comfortable life standard and where can people go for this?

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    Welp, I'm already out of the running, see #1
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    @AlexDeLarge got it, and curb stomp the ones the I don't like. Wait.... I think I took a left somewhere in the road.. lol
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    A lot of coders seem to think that if they study "complicated" or "complex" sounding topics then they're set for life. People will come running to them begging them to work for them. Unfortunately, many will realise it doesn't work like that. There are exceptions to this for example Linux kernel developers, they can just go anywhere and if they don't like it they will go somewhere else -- everyone needs their skills so once acquired, people tend to hold onto them. Anyway, for us mere mortals, it's about identifying opportunity in your areas and your soft skills. Every place has different opportunities, it is down to you to identify them and polish your skills. If you live in a place where all the companies have Wordpress sites ... become a wordpress expert and you'll live a comfortable life (Blockchain and machine learning expertise won't help much).
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