First class coffee-machineship in play here.

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    I don't understand what I am looking at. Can you explain?
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    There's every chance that I'm being embarrassingly stupid but I don't understand what this picture is showing us. What is significant about the small cup of water (arrowed)? What am I missing here?
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    me too
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    It’s one those machines which takes little foil capsules (there’s a big bowl of them next to the machine). You put it in the (matching shaped) slot and press go, coffee comes out.

    Impressively, someone has managed to put the metal capsule directly into their cup and expected it to turn into coffee when they press go.
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    These things
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    Ah, I see.
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    I had to support one of these ...

    *Capsule stuck inside machine
    + User has put two in for "strength"

    *Machine not giving coffee
    + User has not put any pods anywhere

    *Machine not giving coffee
    + Water tank empty, add water

    *Machine making nasty coffee
    + Milk container not being cleaned
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