There's this guy where I work who's one of the senior linux engineers. To me, he's like a linux god. He knows how to solve the most difficult problems and somehow copes with all the stress/workload. Next to that, he's only one year older than me!

Whenever I'm at work, I consider myself a junior, which I actually am. I also, as said earlier, see this senior guy as a fucking linux god and consider myself to be an absolute newbie around him but he is the most kind/friendly guy ever.

But then, today, something happened which made me feel like a god in front of him, a very, very weird feeling.

For him, doing his stuff is the most normal thing in the world while for me, it's still a learning process.

For me, programming is the most normal thing in the wold, while for him, it's still something he just knows the very basics of.

He asked me if I knew something about javascript/jquery. Said yes as I often program/script in javascript.

Explained me what he wanted to get done, it was a very simple thing for me but after hours of online searching, his lack of javascript knowledge still got him nowhere.

Told him I'd give him a working script in 30 minutes. Emailed it to him in 10.

He seemed/reacted the way I always do when he solves something I have no clue how to solve.

It was really weird to witness *him* being amazed of something that *I* made/did.

Today was a good day where I saw that one person's limitations can be anothers' most easy thing, even if that another person sees that one person as a god.

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    Its great to have coworkers to pick up on the things that may trouble you ! Its even more awesome to be able to offer the same benefit back to the person who helps you when you need it !
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    Divide and conquer my friend, divide and conquer.
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    In an industry where is easy to feel like an imposter that's a really nice story!
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    glad this exist.

    "find the others" - terence mckenna

    (holy shit that pic is big)
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    Totally get this. At my workplace we work on around 7-8 different services. And none of us are good at ALL of them. While we know a little bit of everything, we mostly specialize in 1 or 2 services.

    Eventually, everyone gets to know who's good at what and whom to ask when we need something. The entire team acts like a single huge collaborative brain and I love that.
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    I have the exact same feeling about once a week.
    I'm a front end and my coworkers are back ends.
    They're like heroes to me, I know nothing about what they do but it fascinates me and I always ask them to show me how they do it. They're very casual about their knowledge.
    On the other hand, they call me the magician because I can get divs and spans to behave how I wanna. It's natural and logical to me, but they have no clue how to do it!
    The good thing is _some of them_ are curious and ask me to teach them so they can understand a bit more what happens in the browser.
    I'm glad we can share skills and that's why I like my job: I prefer learning from other people than from a book.
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    @pierrot111 This. I'm a backender in my free time and that's very logical/usual for me. Frontend is fucking magic 😅
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    Awesome. I think situations like this can be mega humbling. Reminds us that we all started out as beginners. We all had to learn this stuff.
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    ...and your username is linuxxx??
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    @linuxxx your username doesn't quite check out then!
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    This should be a of-all-time upvoted rant
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    @tilde Where do you work and when are you accepting application? :P
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    It’s good to be humble enough to reach out to others for help; to recognize others strengths as your weaknesses and let it be a learning experience rather than a competition.
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    from all the rants that I read from you, I thought you were a linux geek. and here you are talking about a person who you consider to be better than you. that surely should be a 'god' like you describe him to be.
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