Guy: We should build a Blockchain based review website.
Me: Why does it have to use a Blockchain?
Guy: That way we can verify that only real people are leaving reviews and not bots.
Me: That's not really how Blockchains work.
Guy: Blockchain!

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    A lot of college startups (at least that I hear of from my uni and friends in other ones) append blockchain to some arbitrary part of their process purely for external funding. Mentioned this as a rant but yeah blockchain is the buzzword that gives corporate a major woody, so if investors see that in a startup they’ll flood money into it regardless of what it does. Sad thing is - it works. I’ve seen good ideas shot down but shitty ones with buzzwords on top of them get tons of money.
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    Had enough of this shit. There were these ppl who did a green energy project with blockchain. Never thought those 2 words can be put in the same sentence
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    @SuryaK sure, why not? Blockchain != Energy waist. It just matters which algorithm you use to proof the blocks. Just use PoW (Proof of work) and you don't have the energy problem you mentioned.
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    @geaz I meant Proof of Stake (PoS). PoW is the energy waister.
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    @geaz how can that be green energy
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