I have met a game developer today who genuinely browse the internet using MS Edge by choice.
His reason: sine I was little I loved Microsoft, I accept the fact that some websites don't show properly on Microsoft's browser, by using their browser I keep reminding myself that loyalty to what I love is more important than practicality.

My response to him: bbut... As long as you're happy!

As a web developer I feel that myself and other web devs have the responsibility to kick Microsoft in the butt to make their browser good enough for loyal people like that guy!

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    Edge is pretty good. I always recommend it, Edge is fast and clean. It's very rare I have to optimize anything so it can run on Edge.
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    In all unbiased honesty, Edge is actually pretty good
    I bookmark my ebooks off my external HDD/OD
    dont know a word? Double click > ask cortana and it shows the meaning on the right without leaving the page
    Listening to a yt video? click on top right for lyrics from cortana on the right without leaving the page
    Ink on stuff I want, share to One Note/ PDF anything
    Has all the extensions I use and is pretty fast and light weight
    Pretty UI and supports dark theme, password/history/favs syncing

    I can go on and on but you'll probably just bash Edge coz "Ooohhh it is just IE HAHAHAHA"
    so meh. You do you.
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    @danharrin Ok that's not what I meant. Please upgrade.
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    @danharrin Oh god, please stop it.
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    I gave it a chance when it was pretty new, I really liked the side menus, I remember some sites would just hang while they would work without issues on chrome.

    I still used it for reading and watching YouTube videos from channels I like (on chrome I always have adblocker enabled so I go to another browser when I visit sites I want to support).

    But then I remember we had some flexbox css issue on it and it was litterally not debuggable, when ever I try to inspect that element it would just crash, the only way I was able to inspect that section was by visiting another page while the dev tools were open and then go to that page to inspect it and still it would crash when I try to add some css to that section!

    That incident made me so angry I installed Opera unpinned Edge and till now I haven't used it!

    Opera is a really under appreciated browser!
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    @Nedo-the-angry Strange, but I'm glad you are now happy with Opera.
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    @Nedo-the-angry The crashing of Dev tools was pretty prevalent around 2-3 updates ago but is way better now
    Though, I hope you did submit a feedback on feedback hub about the issue you faced instead of just experiencing it and letting it be

    for the record it is: options > send feedback > report site issue/open feedback hub
    feedback-hub:// on Run
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    Edge actually is nice, and yes - I think it is faster than Chrome atleast
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    Edge is especially great if you have a convertible/touchscreen laptop
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    Edge is alright. The devs did a great job separating themselves from IE and made a genuinely good product. And the marketing department did a great job re-assosciating that decent product with one of the worst browsers of all time.
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    @danharrin If you are a genuine ie6 user i sincerely hope you get terminally ill soon like the browser you are using :)
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    But on a serious note, what do you guys think of the Vivaldi browser?
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    @danharrin thats pretty much what it is, but to be honest, in terms of ram usage its close to chrome. But it does seem to offer awsome multitasking and productivity features
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    What an idiot!
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