At school during my first Java project we had to make a simulation of a parking garage and what effects price changes would have in order to find the most optimal business model from some company.

At the project kick off.

School: "we will be checking your code for plagiarism. if you use code from the internet, even if its 2 lines you need to mention the source. otherwise you will fail this cource."

We go on to do the project.

Friend of mine who was in another class sees a group presenting a 2 days old version of my teams application. theres literaly a credits button that displays the names of the people that worked on it in a popup.

Me: mentions to a teacher that my project was stolen.

They literaly didnt even change the name and pulled the entire repository from github and handed it in.

The fucking teacher doesnt even check the code / git logs after i mentioned that the entire codebase was stolen from a public github repository.

There was an endless mountain of proof to support my claim such as our team members names hard coded in the code they handed in and about 500 commits from our accounts.

I will from now on NEVER EVER mention sources when i hand in code at school.

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