Company paying tons for retired old mainframe devs to come teach basic z/OS and to give a hands-on. Third try and they still sent a guy showing off their windows based mainframe replacements without terminal connections.

I set an pirated z/OS up and now I have to deal with 10 coworkers who apparently can't unpack a 7zip, follow basic instructions or failed to open the .torrent with files i distributed 14 days ago. Losing the will to live (in legacy tech)

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    ty for giving a rant and not an intro =p (not a fan of intros idk y)

    also lul. gl. always wanted to mess w/ mainframes. seen some kool defcon vids with them.
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    Pirates never prosper. Good luck mate
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    @zlice Oh. Ive missed that talk. Do you remember the name or theme of it?
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    @Code-Junkie Boss should have just forked out money for a z/OS evaluation, or asked IBM and not their competitors for a conaultant.

    At least now my coworkers can browse the filesystem and edit some code when they are sent to clients in three weeks. =/
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    @disco think it's this

    solider of fortran - is the guy, he has some more stuff on it.


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    @zlice Thanks a ton! I feel I received a warm welcome here =)
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