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    Jesus. Didn't expect their AI to be at this level. Watson already know that to learn a new language, it is always easier to start with swear words. 😳
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    So what? As if people don't swear.
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    Do you kiss your engineer with this output?!
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    Swear words ❤
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    Why Watson is not on devRant yet?
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    "Scientists purged devRant data from IBM's Watson because it started saying that its engineers are idiots, cocksuckers, <insert more swear words> in its answers."
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    Ai: "you putrid bunch of garbage gobbling meatbags.."
    Engineer: " you say Wat, Son?!"
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    Can we make a petetition to put them back in, but only for devRant. Let it have it's own account and post rant/comments.
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    Why was swearing a bad thing? It's a rather big and important part in almost every language 😏
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    They should consider pirate jargon tho 😂
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    @lotd Dat pun tho...
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    @samxxx I'd hate the automated posting... But I'm interested in doing this....
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    @demorts I agree with you. Right now there are many bots flooding mailboxes, feeds on social media, news articles and god knows what else are doing. Sometimes it seems scary.
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