Raging...windows just put out an update which seems to have crippled the killer wireless on an Alienware laptop I'm using. Greeted with "Please wait" on login finally got pass that. No wireless cards detected. Had this been Linux I could pop into single user mode and debug it.

Windows 10 is getting really bad for this. So not factory reinstalling. Think even arch doesn't break this often lol

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    Killer Wireless is pretty trash though. Not my opinion, just what I've heard from others always constantly plagued by issues.
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    Oh my god yes, killer Internet shit is pure garbage. I bought a new network card just to escape from their shit products/drivers
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    @qdsp13 Yeah...I'm getting that Impression control centre crashes more often than not tbh. I've just switched to a wired connection for now. Hopefully either Dell or Microsoft release an update which resolves the issue.
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    @infiniteshroom Software updates will not save you. Just buy a USB network card while you still can.
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    @qdsp13 Yeah you might be right. Didn't realize it seemly doesn't use the windows TCP/IP stack but implements it's own 🤨For nominal speed gains with mega instability. Yay. I'll need to pick up a usb one.
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